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For David Martin being an extremely talented artist wasn’t enough. He wanted the freedom that being an entrepreneur offered. In 2012 he incorporated Bicycle Tattooing LLC and began pursuit of his dream, owning his own business. In preparation for this new venture he received unanimous support from the Common Council of Downtown South Bend, Indiana. He received the support of numerous local businesses and organizations. It was at that point when his personal investment ran out, and Chi Ishobak was able to provide the remainder of Bicycle’s start-up financing. David was able to finish his build-out and receive the thumbs up from the City of South Bend and the Health Department to be the only high-end custom tattoo gallery within Downtown South Bend. He and his talented staff are now off to the races and are booked well in advance.

“Chi Ishobak was there for me throughout this entire process and gave me the support I needed.” David Martin said, “I can’t wait to get to work.”