Success Stories – John T. Warren

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Like many people, John T. Warren was falling behind on his bills and was having a hard time making his car payment.  He went to Chi Ishobak to try to refinance the truck to get a better interest rate.   John and Chi Ishobak starting looking at his expenses and spending habits and dug deeper into his finances to see what the underlying problems were.  John now realizes that he had a spending problem.  “If I wanted something, I would just take my bank card, swipe, swipe, didn’t even bother looking to see what my balance was in my bank account,” he said.  With the guidance from Chi Ishobak, John cut up his 15 credit cards and planned a budget.  “From week one it was a struggle. Week two it got a little bit easier. Week three it was easier. Then week four was even easier. And then I couldn’t believe I had the extra money that I had saved.”  Within a year, John paid his truck and off all of the credit cards. 

“I was led to Chi-Ishobak due to a financial burden I had weighing on my shoulders for years. They helped me turn my financials around, and to this day, I’m still following the path”​