Consumer Loan Program

Consumer Loan Program

Chi Ishobak understands that traditional lending institutions (banks, credit unions, etc.) may not be an option for everyone. It is Chi Ishobak’s goal to provide Tribal Citizens with an avenue other than payday loans or predatory lending organizations with high interest rates for automobile purchases and credit building efforts. This program is designed not only for immediate transportation needs, but also for long-term family capacity building.

Automobile Loan – Loan funds may be used for the purchase, repair & re-financing of an automobile.

Emergency Home Improvement Loan – Loan funds may be used for emergency repairs to or for a home.

Personal Loan – Loan funds may be used for personal expenses up to $5,000. 

Credit Builder Loan – Loan funds are used for the sole purpose of building and/or building credit from $500 to $1,500.  Funds are not disbursed until all payment obligations have been met.  All payment activity is reported to all three credit bureaus.

*Loan amounts are based upon credit and capacity. 

* Interest rates are based upon credit score for automobile loans.

Items required for application:

  • Consumer loan application form
  • Purchase Agreement from seller for an Automobile Loan

Consumer Loan Application