Proud and Self-Sufficient

Five hundred years ago the Potawatomi people were a proud and self-sufficient people, with each family able to provide for its basic needs, with the support of the community to provide for those who couldn’t provide for themselves, and with an active economy within the local community that connected the villages of the tribe with other communities and nations.

Rebuild and Strengthen

It is the vision of Chi Ishobak to rebuild the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi as well as Indian Country into supportive and nurturing communities, strong in language and culture, and with all tribal citizens provided with the tools and opportunities needed for meaningful lives and self-sufficiency, whether through employment, self-employment, or traditional life-ways.


In working towards this vision, Chi Ishobak will carry out its mission with a sense of pride in ourselves and in the people we serve as a Native community, with the aim to empower Tribal Citizens to build their ability to provide for themselves and create meaningful lives. At all times, Chi Ishobak will strive to carry out its responsibilities and succeed in its goals with the utmost integrity.