An Urgent and Important Message from Chi Ishobak

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First and foremost, please know our office is wishing you and your family the best of health and safety during this uncertain time of COVID-19. Our prayers are with you and yours for your continued well-being.

Chi Ishobak wanted to reach out to you as our friend and client. We can understandably sympathize with your concerns during this time of uncertainty. With the closing of all Four Winds Casino Resort locations and the resulting impact on Per Capita Distributions, everyone will feel some level of economic impact. Although there have been positive reports regarding the severity and duration of this pandemic, there is no telling when our routines may begin a regular pattern.

With this unknown in mind, Chi Ishobak is making short-term provisions to assist our friends and clients. Chi Ishobak has taken the following actions on our commercial and consumer loans we service for you:

• Administrative Deferment – We placed the identified loan in an administrative deferment for the period May 1, 2020, through July 31, 2020. The next payment due will be August 1, 2020. During this period, you will not be required to make monthly payments on your loans. Interest will not accrue during this period.

If your payments are made through ACH (auto debit), Payroll Deduction (Tribal Government/Four Winds) and Per Capita Distributions, those debits will not occur while the deferment is in place. We will report you as current to credit reporting agencies.

Note: If you choose to make payments during the deferment period, you may do so; however, you will need to make those payments manually. You will need to contact Chi Ishobak directly so that payment can be collected and processed individually.

• Interest-Only – If the economic climate and/or Per Capita Distributions return before the Administrative Deferment Period ends, the identified loans will move to an interest-only payment status.


Keep this notification for your records. We will communicate with you in July to prepare you for your payment due on August 1 or thereafter when the administrative deferment period ends.

There is no other action you need to take, unless you want to opt to continue making payments as outlined above by contacting the Chi Ishobak offices.


We are available to help you understand this information.

You may contact us by phone at (269) 783-4157 or email us at info@chiishobak.org. During this time, we will be working remotely, but will have access to voicemail and email. You message will be returned, so your patience is appreciated.

As Pokagon Band Citizens, we have the honor of being part of a remarkable family. We have been here for thousands of years due to the planning, perseverance, and commitment of our ancestors. We have seen very tough times. This is no different, and we will get through this as well. We have always been here, and we always will be.

Take care, be safe, and be healthy!

The Chi Ishobak Team